Irrigation controllers

PRO Series

PRO 100

1 station

PRO 200

2 stations

PRO 400

4 stations


Operation: With 9V latching solenoid
  Power supply: 9V alkaline battery
  Battery life: 1 year
Led indicates battery charge status
Valve block in case of empty battery
  Body: Waterproof, IP68
  Sensors Arrangement for rain sensor, humidity sensor, 
wind sensor, ice sensors (such as Mini Click)
  Installation: Outside, in valve boxes
  Dimensions: Diameter 80 mm - height 65 mm
  Mode selection: Selectors for timing, buttons for functions 
  Timing: Programmable from 2 minutes to 150 minutes
From 1 hour to 7 days
  Starting: Ritardabile da 10 minuti a 72 ore
  Memory: Memorization of water cycling data  
pressing "SAVE" button, manual with "MAN"
  Stations: Cascade actuating selection
  Control: Output to pump actuated by latching relay,
or master valve (Pro 200 - Pro 400)



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